Porcupine (Earth-616)
Name: Roger Gocking
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: unknown
Age: 30s
Aliases: Porcupine
Origin: High Tech
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Laborer / Repentant Badguy
Team: Team Urich, Solo
Alignment: Villain-turned-Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Power Armor
Portrayed by: None

The Life and Times of Roger Gocking

  • Roger was born and raised in a solidly middle class family. He was never gifted, never special. Just you run of the mill kid, living an average life doing what the majority of kids do growing up. He graduated high school with okay scores and managed to get into a technical school to learn a trade.
  • Eventually Roger met and married Olivia and the two of them had a daughter, Kalie. The stress of having a young family was compounded by the loss of his job and inability to get a new one.
  • To provide for his family, Roger made the unfortunate choice to resort to crime. As a petty hood, he store cars, robbed convenience stores and pretty much made numerous contacts among the shallow-end of the criminal pool.
  • Roger was approached and given the opportunity to make a name for himself with the acquisition of Alex Gentry's old Porcupine armor. With the armor he could go from swiping parked cars and cash registers to robbing banks and larger heists. With the armor came entry into the network of supercrimals. He briefly held membership in many of those groups; The Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts Army chief among them.
  • Roger eventually tried to go strait. After numerous encounters with the likes of Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Captain America, Roger changed his name, moved his family and tried his hand at an honest job. Unfortunately while living this assumed life, he became the target of Scourge. He was saved and protected by Captain America.
  • After his daughter was abducted, Roger was forced back into crime against his will. Used by Lady Catepillar to commit crimes, he was stopped by Jessica Drew and then helped out of the situation Lady Catepillar coerced him into when Kalie was saved.
  • Roger turned over a new-new leaf when he decided to return to trying to reform as well as using his Porcupine armor to stop crime. He didn't want to be a supervillain, he wanted to be a superhero.


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