Shadowcat (Earth-616)
Lily Collins
Name: Katherine Anne Pryde
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: Early 20s
Aliases: Shadowcat
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Teacher, X-Man, Adventurer
Team: X-Men
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: Lily Collins

Headache From Hell|Imagine if you will, a normal suburb in Illinois. A place known as Deerfield, but to most teenagers growing up, it could be considered 'dulls field'. Still - there lived a brilliant young girl by the name of Katherine Pryde, or Kitty to her family and what friends she had in school. She was a well liked youth, enjoying everything under the sun, from ice cream sundaes to /especially/ dancing. From the moment she could wobble she wanted to dance, and her parents were only too willing to put her in the dance classes - teaching her patience, balance, and grace. Her father, Carmen, was a banker and her mother an increasingly successful doctor and as young Kitty grew older, she came to accept and like her alone time, for her parents were not normally around.

Life would have gone on just as normal as you please, except for the fact, Kitty began having incredible headaches. It started soon after her thirteenth birthday, and it continued day in and day out affecting school courses, dancing, and her everyday life. On a particularly fierce day, when she swore she was going to die, the headache was so bad.. closing her eyes Kitty just wanted to make it stop, to stop the pounding in her head - thing was, after she opened her eyes not only had the headache passed, but she was no longer in her room, but on the floor /below/.

Wow! You're with the X-Men!?|Startled and scared, Kitty didn't have much to say to the freaky light blonde haired woman that had come to visit from some place called the Massachusetts Academy. Whatever. No, Kitty was pretty mum about the entire incident. Not quite so mum, however, to not bond instantly with the next group of people that arrived. Thus fate would take a hand in delivering young Pryde to an entirely new world itself. You see, Kitty would meet up with Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men; who would get captured by the Hellfire Club, leaving Kitty to be instrumental in leading the other X-Men to their location, proving that even untrained and untried she was a perfect candidate for the X-Men. (And proved just how important she would be later on, of course.)

Kitty wouldn't join the X-Men until after they lose one of their own, yet afterwards Kitty would gained a codename (Sprite), and maintain a long standing position on the team.

The Future Is Now|So Sprite, as Kitty called herself, had a unique manner in which she did things. For example; her first time through the danger room, Kitty crossed every single trap with her eyes closed. This would have been quite epic, if an alternate future self hadn't traded places with her! Still, if it wasn't for Kitty's time and dimensional traveling, the X-Men might never have stopped a very important senator from getting assassinated! Thankfully. They did stop it, and Kitty's mind was returned to the right place and time. (In the future she would also connect for the first time with a young Rachel Grey-Summers, who would eventually become one of Kitty's dearest and truest friends.)

It was after that incident that Kitty really started to bond with her other teammates, to the point of crushing really badly on one in particular!! (Not that it ended well, as that particular individual had a thing for dead alien women.)

Professor Xavier Is A Jerk!|And more adventures happened to Kitty and the X-Men, for a time they went adventuring off into space and dealt with a really bad species known as the Brood. It got so bad, Kitty even pulled the 'if this is our last night together, I don't want to die a virgin' line on her crushing object of desire. The crush, wisely, turned her down, but it has to be said, Kitty totally pulled that line.

Returning to Earth (and after cleansing Xavier from the Brood Queen), Kitty would find that a young team of Mutants had been brought together. This was not so cool, as she suddenly didn't feel so special anymore. Things got even worse when Xavier punted her down to the 'X-Babies', and the only thing that stopped Kitty from remaining a 'New' Mutant, was an incident where she had to prove, once again, that she was a capable and confident young woman. (It also brought about the introduction of her loyal dragon friend, Lockheed.)

When Kitty's father got into trouble with Japanese Mafia, Kitty rushed to his aid alone. Wolverine saved her from a demonic figure known as Ogun, and took it upon himself to start training Kitty to be a better fighter from that point on.

Best Friends Forever|And time continued to pass, at one point, the young sister of Kitty's crush was abducted by a horrific demon from a place known as Limbo!! Kitty did her best to try and pull the girl back into their own reality, but the girl slipped from Kitty's fingers for but a second, and when Kitty finally managed to re-grasp that hand and pull her back through, the girl was no longer a child, but a teenager right at Kitty's age! That girl would become Kitty's most dear and best of friends, and though the term was never quite coined back then, 'BFF' was certainly the phrase that would be used.

The girl, Illyana, would eventually join up with the young class of mutants, while Kitty continued adventuring with the X-Men. At least until the day when Kitty was horrifically hurt in the slaughter of innocent lives in the tunnels below New York and sent off to the UK to recover. Kitty's abilities where reversed, where she was always able to phase with a thought, the damage done to her made it so she had to focus to remain solid. It was a pretty dire situation, though it did lead Kitty to help form the team Excalibur!

The Sword In The Stone|In America the X-Men 'die', (though they really head over to Australia and conveniently forget that Kitty might have liked to know they were alive). As there is nothing left for Kitty in America, she and those with her decide to make Excalibur. For a very, very long time Kitty remains with the team. New members are added, some others are lost, she goes dimensional hopping, and ends up in a school from heck itself.

At least Kitty has two of her dearest friends with her, Kurt and Rachel, for sadly at some point during all of her time in Excalibur, New York is over run with demons and at the end of it all, Illyana is de-aged and returns to Russia. Though Kitty makes certain to write to her every day!

Then, Kitty loses Rachel as well, as the red-head changes places in the time line with Brian. So what does Kitty do after that? She hooks up with a Brit named Pete Wisdom. She totally should have known that guys with the name 'Pete' or 'Peter' are simply not good for her, but she crushed hard and had a relationship that ended badly. So badly, that Kitty skipped out on Excalibur and returned to New York.

Bartending Breakdown|Returning to the fold for a little while left Kitty feeling like she needed a major break, else she'd have a breakdown. So many of those she dearly loved where lost now. So Kitty enrolled in a Chicago university and tried to have a normal life. Then. Her father died in a sentinel attack, and Kitty completely lost it. So much so, she was given a shrink. Her own personal shrink.

When Stryker returned to the scene, Ororo sought Kitty's assistance with him as well as this strange individual that had his own personal telepath. That telepath happened to be Kitty's very dearest friend Rachel. Helping Rachel break free from the control placed over her, at least Kitty had one close friend back, and was once again on a team.

She remained on the team lead by Emma and Scott, but had a lot of really bad stuff happened to her, including to being phased into a bullet. A bullet. And there she was believed to be dead for a long time.

Headmistress Pryde|So eventually Kitty is returned to earth by none other than Magneto himself - who almost died doing it. Kitty owes the guy a ton. Trouble was, Kitty was unable to speak, unable to go solid! It took some doing, in fact, she had to die and be resurrected, but she was soon able to become solid again. So she immediately shacked up with her first crush, who eventually would make a terrible decision and Kitty dumped him like a hot potato.

A big X-Schism soon happened, and Kitty became the headmistress of the Jean Grey School, helping to mold young minds in the proper way. Though really, does anything ever truly stay quiet?

A group of time traveling mutants - who happened to be the original X-Men - were placed in Kitty's care. Meanwhile Kitty made a lot of really bad crushing decisions, and broke free of them just as fast. Eventually, she would also once again become 'BFFs' with Illyana.

Another Guy Named Peter|During a point when the Shi'ar once again stick their nose into the X-Men's business, Kitty meets this Star-Lord fellow named Peter Quill. He and the other Guardians help the X-Men free the student the Shi'Ar kidnap. Afterwards, he gives Kitty a device to holo call him and they begin the single most long distance relationship ever.

The dates don't go so well, naturally Kitty is totally not wanting to get into a relationship with another guy named Peter, nor does she want to put up with any childish nonsense. When Peter's kidnapped, however, Kitty steals one of Stark's space ships and goes to his rescue.

It turns out, there's this strange device called the Black Vortex that everyone is after - as it gives a person phenomenal cosmic powers! Everyone wants it, everyone that is, except Kitty. And who ends up with it? Kitty. Who isn't corrupted in the least by it. Not long afterwards Peter proposes to Kitty and she accepts.

Now, now Kitty's managed to rid herself of the cosmic Black Vortex and has returned to Earth while Peter deals with his own woes.

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