Spider-Girl (Earth-65)
Blonde Emma Stone
Name: Gwendolyne Stacy
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Forest Hills, New York City, New York
Age: 21
Aliases: Spider-Gwen (Spider-Woman)
Origin: Altered Human
Origin Earth: 65
Present Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Bodega Clerk, Drummer
Team: Spider-People
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): unknown
Powers and Abilities: "what ever a spider can"
Portrayed by: Blonde Emma Stone

Gwen Stacy is the daughter of a cop, but she was not like him. Gwen is more free spirited, more artistic. She hid in her music, and especially with her friend, Peter. An accident during a field trip gave her the wonderful powers that she has today, that of a spider, and while she always used her powers for good…she couldn't help use them MOSTLY for her own benefit. It was her father that instilled the idea to help people…to TRULY help people. Unfortunately, Peter was desperate to be like his new idol, that wonderful Spider-Woman, and injected himself with a serum that transformed him into a lizard. She was forced to fight him, and when he returned to normal, the injuries he had sustained killed her best friend. Wanted for murder, she was on the run from the police, and most importantly, from her own father. But that didn't stop her resolve to fight crime. She worked harder to put people away, until it brought the attention of the kingpin on her. Thwarting an assassination attempt on her father's life, she has promised him and herself to always fight for the side of good, and use her powers to bring down the criminal underground as best as she can. All while trying to get a gig with her band!

IC Events

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