Star-Lord (Earth-616)
Chris Pratt
Name: Peter Jason Quill
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 30
Aliases: Star-Lord
Origin: Alien/Human Hybrid
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: Mobile
Occupation: Guardian Of The Galaxy
Team: Guardians Of the Galaxy
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: Chris Pratt

Earth Born Alien|* Born to Meredith Quill and the Spartoi Emperor J'son, Peter's father fled to protect Meredith from his enemies just before Peter was born.

  • Peter was born under good omens and opened to the wonders of the stars, as a result, he had a deep rooted fascination with all things science fiction. It was this fascination with science fiction and space that gave Peter a desire to become an astronaut.
  • Peter's life would crumble when his mother was murdered by Badoons seeking to end J'son's line. Peter was able to kill the invading aliens, but was left an orphan.
  • Orphan life did not suit Peter at all, it also did nothing to stop his desire for revenge on the ones that had murdered his mother. Becoming an astronaut was all that really kept Peter going, and as he got a bit older, he was given a job as a mechanic for NASA.
  • Training in secret to be an astronaut, Peter's hopes were dashed when he was discharged from the facility he worked in, after an altercation with another student. In frustration, Peter stole a Kree ship, outmaneuvered the security and took off, finally, into space.

The Call Of Adventure|* Once in space, Quill's adventures did not turn out exactly as he hoped. The Kree ship malfunctioned, a group of pirates lead by Yondu tried to steal the ship, and the excitement just never seemed to stop. Eventually, Peter joined up with Yondu's crew, and learned many a thing about his heritage, the aliens that murdered his mother, and life in the Galaxy.

  • Peter's darkest moment came when he was instrumental in destroying a Kree colony in order to stop a horrific foe named the 'Fallen One'. In order to defeat the Fallen One, Peter sacrificed the Kree colony, and then turned himself and the Fallen One over to the Nova Corps for the horrific genocide.
  • Even in prison, (what short time he spent there at least) Quill's life was filled with excitement and sometimes poor choices. And then, the Annihilation War hit, and Peter was right in the midst of it, working alongside Nova Prime to help defend the Galaxy.
  • Another poor judgment point came when Peter allowed a Phalanx 'Trojan Horse' to take control of the Kree Empire. Peter felt a lot of guilt over this, and helped to make amends for his actions, eventually helping to stop the Phalanx.

Guardians Of The Galaxy|* After two severe annihilation events, the Galaxy was in a precarious and unstable state. Peter had the telepath Mantis gently nudge several individuals into forming The Guardians Of The Galaxy. While the Guardians did a lot of good, Peter's betrayal would eventually be discovered. Really, things just continued to go downhill from that point onward.

  • Finally, Quill managed to convince the Guardians that there really was some serious shit happening, and eventually, after a great deal of triumph and tragedy, things were put right.
  • A new Guardians was formed in order to protect the Earth from the many invasions and threats that would come its way. The first of which was Thanos, who the Guardians teamed up with The Avengers to thwart.
  • Eventually, Peter would learn of a Shi'Ar plot to put a young, time displaced mutant on trial. Going to warn the X-Men of this impending plot, Quill arrived too late. Helping the X-Men with the Shi'Ar, Peter would meet Kitty Pryde, and find himself strangely attracted to the spunky Headmistress.

True Love|* Peter's father, J'son, still wanted Peter to take up his role as Prince of Spartax, and went to extreme lengths in order to persuade Peter that was the best thing. In fact, Peter was put on trial - though that ended in Peter showing all of Spartax just what a jerk their 'king' was. J'son was overthrown and eventually the people voted Peter in as the new king - a fact of which that Peter vehemently (at the time) opposed and fled from.

  • Instead, Peter continued to work with the Guardians and desired revenge on Thanos, while keeping in contact with Kitty Pryde via long-distanced holo. Instead of killing Thanos, however, Peter gave up his lust for revenge, and instead focused his attention on the person he was slowly falling for - Kitty Pryde.
  • A villain known as Mr. Knife, who in fact was J'son of Spartax in disguise, started sending a band of thugs after Quill. In a disastrous holo-date with Kitty, the Slaughter Squad (Mr. Knife's goods) managed to kidnap Quill right in front of Kitty. (Who would go into outer space and rescue Quill from J'son's mind control attempts.) After a kiss that was much desired, Peter convinced Kitty to stay in space with him.

The Black Vortex|* Peter found out that J'son was after an object known as the Black Vortex, and when Kitty and him went to steal that item from J'son, they found it was a powerful mirror designed to grant a person cosmic abilities.

  • The X-Men, the Guardians soon joined in the ruckus, some gaining cosmic abilities, others not desiring them in the least. The entire world of Spartax would soon be encased in living amber as a boon to the Brood - who J'son had made a deal with. When all would seem to be at the most bleak, Kitty, who had not desired space - nor cosmic abilities - stepped up and saved everyone by completely accepting the Black Vortex's phenomenal cosmic powers. She phased the amber off of all of Spartax, saving the people from the Brood, and helped bring an end to the Black Vortex.
  • Afterwards, Peter went down on one knee and proposed to Kitty, much to the delight of everyone aboard the ships who watched with anticipation to see what Kitty's answer would be. Kitty, of course, said yes.
  • Then Secret Wars hit, and Peter was one of the few anomalies that remembered how life was before. He took up a job as 'Swinging Stevie Rogers', singing Disney songs to the masses. Thankfully, that came to an end, and the universe was restored to normal.
  • Now, Peter is debating what to do about being King of Spartax. Should he rule? Should he flee responsibility once again? These choices Peter needs to make, and soon.

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