Warmachine (Earth-314)
War Machine
Christian Keyes
Name: James Rhodes
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 32
Aliases: War Machine
Origin: Skilled Normal
Origin Earth: 314
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Pilot, Engineer
Team: The Avengers
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: Christian Keyes

The Good Solider|James Rhodes has always been a moral man. His mother saw to that. Growing up in a row house in South Philadelphia, where he went by Rhodey (the name stuck), she made sure he always had positive influences in his life. Church, sports, and school. He excelled at math and science, and made a name for himself on the neighborhood hoops court. And even though he was aware of his reputation as a prude, he always had one thought to comfort him: He was a good guy.

Like many good guys before him, Rhodey wanted to do something positive with his life. In high school, he was encouraged to take part in ROTC and this led naturally to his joining the marines. The training was grueling, of course, and he'd be lying if he said he didn't think about quitting along the way. But he never did. He proved to be a tough recruit and he eventually became a combat pilot. During his early years of service, he also studied to be an aviation engineer.

Over the years he proved time and again his aptitude for flight, his loyalty to the institution, and his love of country. He became a notable engineer, tactician, and combatant, eventually earning the rank of Lieutenant. It was around that time when he and Tony Stark first crossed paths, when his unit was on hand to move an important supply of Stark Industry weaponry. He took an immediate liking to the man and afterward was called on to help handle the billionaire when his force-of-nature personality became too much for the higher-ups. Things were looking good for Rhodey, until one day Syria.

The Reborn Man|An operation outside of Homs sent Rhodey and a group of marines into dangerous territory. On their decent into the city, Rhodey's helicopter was downed by an RPG. The attack came out of nowhere and the tech used against them was more advanced than it should have been. Later, it would be found out that militants had gotten hold of Stark weaponry the Americans were using in the field. At the time, though, Rhodey could only see the world spin.

Lives were lost that day, but reinforcements managed to arrive in time to save Rhodey. The injuries he sustained took his left leg just below the knee, but it wasn't long before when word of the event reached Tony. Rhodey was taken in and given a top-of-the line Star Industries prosthetic, then rehabilitated on the company's dime. Through it all, Rhodey showed the grit and endurance that got him through the marines and his many tours around the world. He made as full a recovery as he could.

During the latter part of his recovery, Tony presented Rhodey with a job opportunity as his personal pilot and a lead aviation engineer in Stark Technologies. While Rhodey never worked for a company before, he felt that he did need some kind of new start after his injury. He accepted the position and has fit into his new roles nicely. He worked, advanced his knowledge and skills, as well as his friendship with Stark.

Out of the blue one day, he found himself on another world. Another Earth. Someplace that saw him as a hero. A War Machine. And before him were armored suits so advanced his mind is still spinning, but he knows they're meant for him.

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