White Queen (Earth-603)
White Queen
Name: Emma Frost
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Massachusetts
Age: 26
Aliases: White Queen
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 603
Present Location: New York
Occupation: White Queen/CEO/Headmistress
Team: Hellfire Club
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s): unknown
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy and Diamond Form (mutually exclusive)
Portrayed by: None

The Frosting
Born in Massachusetts to a wealthy family, Emma Frost did not have an idyllic childhood. Her father was stern and borderline abusive, her mother a dope addict, and she was bullied at her school. Instead of family, she forms a bond with one of her teachers. After her powers manifest, she gains the ability to read the minds of others, causing her to read her teacher's attraction for her. This leads to the man getting fired and Emma blackmailing her father, which ultimately leads to her renouncing her family and choosing to live her life her way.

Emma is homeless for a while, before starting an affair with a young man in debt to the mafia. To clear his debt, she attempts a fake kidnapping scheme to steal from her father, which backfires and ends in her lover's death. After freeing herself, she enrolls in college with the ransom money, coming to learn about mutants and meet some of the first ones aside from herself.

When she is eventually invited into the Hellfire Club, Emma uncovers a plan to destroy mutants and, teaming up with Sebastian Shaw and a few others, kills the current leaders of the plot and assumes control of the Hellfire Club, becoming the White Queen. Proving herself to be an adept businesswoman, she then builds her own fortune by investing in many companies, including such lofty names as Stark Industries and becoming the Chairman and CEO of Frost International.

She also becomes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, which she sets up as sort of anti-Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. They have several altercations with the X-Men while trying to lure Xavier's students away, fighting, even at times torturing captive X-Men and engaging in mental battles with notable psychics on the X-Team, while also having internal squabbles and power plays from within the Hellfire Club.

At the close of the Secret Wars Emma finds herself in a new world, with new rules and a very different timeline. Adjustment isn't easy.

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