Wolverine (Earth-616)
Hugh Jackman
Name: James Howlett
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: Damn Old
Aliases: Wolverine
Origin: Mutant
Origin Earth: 616
Present Location: New York
Occupation: The Best There Is
Team: X-Men
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: Hugh Jackman


  • Born as James Howlett in the mid 1880s in Alberta, Canada, second son to Elizabeth and John Howlett, Sr.
  • Rose O'Hara hired in the early 1900s as a 'friend and caretaker' due to mother's frailness.
  • Both befriended 'Dog', son of the groundskeeper Thomas Logan. Logan made advances first on Rose, which led him to be fired. Logan then turns to Elizabeth Howlett, which leads to a deadly altercation. John Howlett Sr is killed in front of young John, which triggers his rage, and the claws. Thomas Logan is killed. 'Dog' is injured.
  • James and Rose leave, 'Dog' tells police Rose was the killer.
  • While in hiding, Rose gives false names, thus 'Logan' is 'born'. James is given the nickname 'the wolverine' because of his tenacity at work.
  • Years pass, and Dog appears, still holding the grudge. Challenge to the death. Rose tries to separate the men, and of course, she gets a claw to the chest, killing her.

Early years:|

  • 1910, Logan traveled the frontier of Canadian Rockies, met a young Blackfoot woman. Fell in love, live happily.
  • Sabretooth tracks and murders her after seeing the two together. Logan battles Sabretooth but couldn't best him.
  • Sabretooth manipulates feral Logan to the point where he slaughters the inhabitants of the town in which he'd settled for a time.
  • Later employed by The Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trader, he defeated a demonic snake-work called Uncegila, which earned him the Blackfoot name of 'Skunk-Bear'. Wolverine.

World War I:|

  • 1914, Logan joined the Canadian Army to fight in the Great War.
  • During a battle in Belgium in 1915, Logan encountered Lazaer (Azrael) for the first time. Lazaer impaled Logan with his sword, but Logan turned around and impaled him right back. Now, every time Logan has a near death experience, he has to battle Lazaer to defeat him so he can return to the realm of the living and use his advanced healing factor to return to health.
  • When the authorities discovered Logans 'abilities', he was assigned to a special unit: The Devil's Brigade. He was under the command of 'Silas Burr', who later became the mercenary Cyber. After a falling out, Cyber killed Logan's girlfriend and beat the snot out of Logan, but Logan was able to escape. Cyber and Sabretooth tracked him and returned him to the squad where he was assigned to Madripoor.

Post World War I:|

  • After leaving Madripoor, Logan traveled to South America, where he ran across Mystique for the first time. The two of them were to be executed by firing squad but not only escaped using their abilities but also formed a small criminal syndicate.
  • Logan reported on their criminal doings to the police, shutting the syndicate down, and he returned to Canada to take part in the Weapon X program.

World War II:|

  • During World War II, Logan teamed up with Captain America and Bucky Barnes in Madripoor. The two of them were unaware Logan was a mutant and just thought him lucky, thus earning the nickname 'Lucky James'.
  • Mission to rescue Natasha Romanova, a young child at the time, from being brainwashed into an assassin by The Hand. (Obviously not successful.)
  • Logan decides to officially sign up to fight the war and joined the First Canadian Parachute Battalion. It was while serving with them that he enountered 'Bloodscream', an immortal being with vampire-like qualities and powers.
  • He fought in numerous other battles until war's end.

After the War:|
Team X:

  • Logan applied for the job of Special Agent for an American underground government organization. Seems that Sabretooth had applied for the same 'job'. A fight ensued and both were subdued.
  • Logan receives a memory wipe and a host of false memories implanted. No memory of a feud with Sabretooth, and the team carried out missions, and after each.. a new memory wipe.

Weapon X:|

  • Logan returned to Canada to join with Weapon X once again, or rather, was kidnapped. It was here where he gained his adamantium skeleton, but also lost his memory due to the trauma of the experiment. He, yes, again slaughtered an entire town.

Department H:|

  • After his escape from the Weapon X program, Logan spent time in the Canadian wilderness until he was found by James and Heather Hudson, scientists and mutants who worked for the Canadian Government.
  • Logan was soon brought back to 'good mential health' and started working for Department H. Little memory of the times past.
  • Given costume and secret identity; the Wolverine.
  • During this time, he'd fought the Hulk and got on the radar of Professor X.


  • Professor X contacted the Canadian government to arrange an introduction and offered Wolverine a job on the spot full in the knowledge that Department H was exploiting Logan for their own purposes.
  • Logan accepted. Xavier offered to help Logan with memory loss in exchange for his taking a position on the X-Men roster.
  • Logan joined with Nightcrawler, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird and Colossus. Cyclops was already established as the leader, but Logan immediately came on board, guns blazing.

Now (thus ends Comic Vine!):|

  • Logan is ensconced within the X-Team of his world, having gone on similar missions as those recognizable from the 616 world, but this James Howlett is not the 616 Wolverine. He is several years 'in arrears', as it were.. set in his 'hey day' of his X-Men, surrounded by his best friends.

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