X-23 (Earth-?)
Name: Laura Kinney
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 18
Aliases: X-23
Origin: Mutant (Clone)
Origin Earth: {$earth}
Present Location: Westchester
Occupation: Student
Team: {$team}
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Summary of Abilities
Portrayed by: {$actor}

X-23's Beginning|
Laura was created from a damaged genetic sample of Wolverine and grown in Dr. Kinney's womb in the Facility. Raised to be the perfect weapon after the failed Weapon X program, she was taught only to kill and suffered much abuse to snuff her humanity and make her a remorseless machine. It was only thanks to Dr. Kinney's love that the owners of the Facility did not succeed.

At the age of 16 Laura started showing too many signs of independent thinking, and was made to kill her dog, and then her master, by having her berserker bloodlust activated by the artificial scent known as the trigger. Horrified of the programming, Dr. Kinney tried to get Laura out, but met the same fate of the other people who loved Laura, and was murdered in the snow by her own daughter.

Alone and confused, Laura ran with only Dr. Kinney's letter on her and went to Sarah's family, presenting herself as her daughter. A brief stint of normal life was interrupted by the Facility finding her and killing both Debbie and Megan. Running again, and alone once more, Laura found herself on the streets of NYC. It wasn't hard for her to get by, given her training. Beating drug dealers into pulp for money for food, breaking into buildings, abandoned or not, to find somewhere to sleep. Eventually the Facility managed to track her down though, and after a narrow escape, she decided to try and track down the original Weapon X.

When X-23 found him, at Xavier's, she wasn't met with what she expected, and found herself taken in by the school and given a new home. A home she's still adjusting to.

IC Events

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