X-23 (Earth-688)
Crystal Reed
Name: Laura Kinney
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: The Facility, unrevealed North American location
Age: 18
Aliases: X-23
Origin: Mutant (Clone)
Origin Earth: 688
Present Location: Westchester
Occupation: Student
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None Known
Powers and Abilities: Healing Factor, Superhuman Physique, Enhanced Senses, Adamantium claws
Portrayed by: Crystal Reed

Birth: X-23 is implanted in Sarah Kinney and carried to term from a damaged sample of mutant DNA, resulting in a female clone of a male subject. From birth, 23 (or Laura as her 'mother' calls her) is conditioned to Trigger Scent, a pheremone brainwashing tool.

Training: Throughout childhood, X-23 is trained, tortured and battered into submission. She is taught to be a killer and emotionally damaged to make her not connect to others. She is intended to be a perfect assassin.

Activation: Radiation is used to activate her mutation prematurely. She gains her healing factor and has her newly-generated claws bonded with Adamantium to make her even more deadly. By age 11, she has become a skilled and efficient killer.

Rogue: One of X-23s handlers begins using her for side jobs and personal vendettas. When her 'mother' learns of this, Sarah tries to rescue Laura only to have the Trigger Scent used to cause Laura to attack her instead. Laura, as a result, rebels and escapes.

NYX: Laura moves to the Mutant Town section of New York City, hiding out. She works as a prostitute and at various nightclubs, doing whatever she can to make ends meet and keep herself below radar.

X-men: A conflict at a nightclub leads Laura to encounter the X-men of her world and the version of the hero Wolverine there from whom she was cloned. Their relationship is immediately testy, torn between mentorship and resentment. Laura eventually becomes a student at Xavier's.

Exile: A conflict with the powerful mutant known as Legion results in the opening of a dimensional rift, through which X-23 is deposited here in the 616 universe. Alone and lost, she returns to hiding out in Mutant Town until she gets the lay of the land.

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