Tag Definition

Player tags should be their primary mushname with no spaces or, if they like to change, whatever name they used for their character on the wiki, no spaces (ie, Iron Man should be tagged iron-man).

To get an item on the 'news files' tabview/page, simply tag it with 'news'

IC News items autotag when created to go to their appropriate paper.

Plot tags are dependent on the wikicode established by the plot runner.

Team tags

Avengers - avengers
Defenders - defenders
Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians
Hellfire Club - hellfire-club
MI-13 - mi-13
Night Shift - night-shift
Xavier's School - xaviers
X-Men - xmen

City tags

Boston - boston
London - london
Madripoor - madripoor
New York City - nyc
Westchester County - westchester

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