This page is reserved and will be used to offer guidance for players interested in working on their own character pages, plot pages, groups, factions and other information.

Names, Titles, Subtitles

A quick note on this the difference between 'name' and 'title'.

When you create a page, it must be a unique name - if not you will be prompted by wikidot and/or be redirected to the already created page. This is the Name of the page.

On each page in the 'edit' section, above all the buttons is a little window that is the Title of the page. These do not have to be unique. On pages that pull basic information for indexing purposes, the link is usually set to the title as specified in this box, not the unique name you used to create the page.

Thus, you can create a unique page to differentiate it. By example, Guardians of the Galaxy is the name of the group page for that faction, you cannot name a plot or log with just this name. If you have a log where you meet them and want Guardians of the Galaxy to be the title shown for the log - you can still type 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in the title when you create and edit that. It will show up on some of the indexes created with the wikicode. As a side not, duplicated page names will most likely not happen in logs, as logs also require a date to help with sorting, this was just an example.

On some pages with templates you will see another title (title=insert title here), this is generally going to be the 'title' shown in info boxes (general the red tables shown within pages) and can be anything you like as well. This can be distinct from the title you have used for the page itself, you do not have to be redundant, but you can duplicate them to make it easier to read.

A Quick Example! The page name is 'meterojack' the wiki title is 'Jack the Meteor' and the in-page info box title is 'Out of the Frying Pan'.

What can players add on this wiki:


Any player that is a member of this wiki can easily add their own player. We have a page specifically for this purpose. This page gives a good overview of how to initiate the page that will make your new page compliant with our wiki code.

Once you initiate the process you will be taken to a page for editing your new character. The very top of the edit box is a slot used to put a played by in if you with to use one. It is here to help with wikicode. Below is where one would begin the basics for their character info box. Anything after the = should be the information you wish to use, do not remove anything before the = as that is used in the code as well.

Beyond the ]], which signifies the end of the character info box, the rest is up to your preference and wiki ability. We will provide a tabbed section that will automatically post your logs on this page as well as room for a list of your IC events if you wish to add them to your page. You are free to edit and change these tabs as suits you. If you break it, we will return it to the basic tabs (IC Logs/IC Events). You are welcome to look at other pages for suggestions or ideas on how to spruce up your characters page.

PC Icons

Like many games/mu*s on wikidot, we use a pc icon repository. This repository works with other wikicode, such as in logs or for faction pages, to display your characters icon while also providing a link to your characters page. The information on how to create an icon, if you would like to, is located on that page.

On this page is also some quick wikicode (include - we have some templates in place) you can adapt to the pages you are creating.

Please follow the guidelines for specifications on the icons you create, the most important one being the size limit (144 x 144). There are modules that generate columns and rows that use these icons and if those numbers are off, the tables can become skewed. If staff finds an icon that is outside of the suggested guidelines, we will fix this icon (and like all digital images, the more its work the less definition the end product will have).


We not only welcome submission of logs to the wiki, but we encourage this. Much like your character page advertises your character, your logs will show people you are activity and they may seek you out with interest for ideas/plots/rp-sessions.

We do have a page to Submit Logs.

Staff will try to keep the new buttons, used to create new logs, up to date. You post to the appropriate month and this auto tags to help with our calendar view of logs by month, instead of the spam of numerous pages. Please by sure that for each player included in the log, there is an include LogIcon name=their name - cut and past the code between the brackets for each player to assure everyone gets credit.


Please feel free to add your plots to this wiki. Not only will this let other players know if you have something interesting going on, that they might want to participate in, but staff as well. This is important because if you're running a plot involving a villain and someone else goes to use them, this breaks verisimilitude. If there is a staff global using Magneto and Genosha but you use him to attack the metal depot in NYC, the logic doesn't flow. There is plenty of this in comics, but its more kind to other players to not overlap - no one wants to ready 'Magneto defeated' in the IC news as they're running a plot themselves involving Magneto.

Please visit our Plots Page to see ongoing plots and/or to create your own plots here. These will be monitored for activity, including relevant logs. This is not a place to post personal notes, memories or write your own stories - our game is intended for RP.


New factions are welcome on the game, but dependent on staff approval. Please use the in-gmae +request system when 3 or more players want to form a Faction, even if it is a faction from the canon, prior approval is still required. Not only will staff assure that it is feasible, but they also will create bboards and channels in-game to assist the faction.

Once approved, visit our Factions Page to create a new faction wiki page. The template to display them on the groups page is found when editing the groups page. Please see other factions for ideas on wiki code and presentation.

IC News

We try to post all bboard news posted in-game to the wiki here. If you are the poster in-game, you are encouraged to use our [[icnews | IC News Page]] to post the article on the wiki as well. Each paper has an individual page for all articles, only the most recent article posts to the IC News Page. Buttons to add articles are located at the bottom of the main IC News page (1 button for each news board), as well as on the individual news page (for that news source).

Wanted Requests

To help new players find potential ideas for characters, we include a wanted page along with the rostered characters open to be claimed. Please use both the in-game wanted board as well as the Wanted Page on the wiki to advertise for characters you are interested in playing with.

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